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Saturday, July 28, 2012

July 28, 2012

I had a rollercoaster day yesterday as the reality started to sink in: I AM going to the Virgin Islands for 6 months!! And I have a lot to do between now and my departure. All the prep work isn't stressing me out, though. I'm slowly researching and making preparations on how to smoothly make this transition. I am, however, slowly and quietly grieving what I am leaving behind, not the bad parts, but perhaps the memory of what could have been. I know I gave it my best shot, perhaps bent over backwards to make things work. Unfortunately things didn't change for the better, and I know I can't return to that situation again. I will miss my job here, miss my friends, and the familiarity of a place that was home for so many years ( I keep remembering I left once and promised never to return......). But new adventures await me, a new journey starts.

1.  I'm grateful for all the blessings bestowed upon me today and every day, small and large. The beauty of this old neighborhood with its old houses and lush foliage, where Bumby and I can walk without bother.

2.  I'm grateful for my extended family who love and accept me no matter what the circumstances are.

3.  I'm grateful for the support and understanding of my co-workers, who are genuinely thrilled for me as I take this step.

4.  I'm grateful for the ability to slowly heal and forgive, both myself and others, and be able to move on mentally to a better place, a more serene place, a place where I can be ME again.

5.  I'm grateful for the love I show myself and others every day. Treat yourself well and it will spill over to others.

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